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Virgile Roche au Prix Safran 2020 : ©Samia Abderrahmani

Music: September 18 to October 18, 2023

Integration: projects under review

Exploradôme 2 : © Cyril Abad CAPA Pictures Safran

Patronage: application available now

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Corporate foundations & patronage

Supporting young musicians at the start of their professional journey: answer the call for project right now!

The Safran Corporate Foundation for Music supports talented young musicians as they start their professional journeys to become leading lights in the classical music world of tomorrow. It provides various scholarships, support for first recordings etc.

The Foundation's work also involves live performance, which is vital for these young people: the Foundation has formed partnerships (some of them long-term) with a number of associations and institutions to afford them opportunities to perform live. We also welcome organizations involved in such live performance or professional coaching of these young artists to candidate for new partnerships with the Foundation.

Applications can be filed right now and until October 18, 2023. This call for project is dedicated to young solists and ensembles.

The next submission period will start during Spring 2024. We will also expect then associations or institutions involved in live performance or professional coaching to candidate for new partnerships with the Foundation.


Integration of young people with disabilities: projects under review

The Safran Corporate Foundation offers associations whose mission is to promote the integration of young people, the opportunity to receive exceptional financial support for one of their actions.

The second call for projects of the year is now closed. The projects submitted are under review adn decisions will be made in the following timeline :

  • integration through housing: October 2023
  • inclusion through sport and leisure: October 2023
  • professional integration: December 2023.


Patronage for education : Educational patronage, with a strong focus on math and science

Convinced of the importance of education in the construction of each person, as well as of its role as a vector of integration and equal opportunity, Safran has chosen to support educational initiatives. Particular attention will be paid to projects allowing a better acquisition of knowledge and skills in mathematics and science. They can be filed throughout the year.

Safran provides financial support to public or private partners unrelated to its commercial interests.